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Here is where you can meet all of the gang: Tully the Tasmanian Tiger, Errol the Tasmanian Devil, Goggles the Platypus and Kazza the Kookaburra.

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Tully the Tasmanian Tiger

Tully the Tasmanian Tiger has been hiding in the bush for many years and, as a result, a lot of people thought they'd never see him again. He has emerged from the bush to share with us his interest in, and concern for, all the animals that share our world. Tully now appears every week in The Sunday Tasmanian.

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Tasmanian Devils are carnivores (meat eaters). However, despite his powerful jaws, Errol who weighs about twelve kilograms is more a scavenger than a hunter. He spends most of the day asleep in a cave, log or burrow. He comes out in the evening and can often be heard arguing with other devils, growling and yelling at them to leave his food alone.

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Errol The Devil

Goggles The Platypus

Goggles live in burrow on the bank of a river. She spends most of the day inside and comes out in the late afternoon or early evening to feed. Because of her snout, which is shaped like a duck's beak, she is sometimes called a Duckbilled Platypus. Her webbed feet help make her a very good swimmer. She uses her front feet for padding and her back feet for steering.

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Dave is a Bottlenose Dolphin. He is friendly and cheerful. He is a powerful swimmer and can often be seen playing in coastal waters with large groups of his family and friends. He breathes through a blowhole in the top of his head.

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Dave The Dolphin

Ed The Echidna

Ed is quiet and shy. He likes to find cosy spots such as tree stumps or crevices in rocks to sleep in during the day. When he gets hungry he uses his strong claws to crack open termite or ants nests. Then he uses his long, sticky tongue to lick up the insects. He is sometimes called a Spiny Anteater.

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Cassandra is a Cassowary. She is a bit smaller than an Emu and, like an Emu, she can't fly. She lives in the tropical rainforest of north Queensland where she eats mostly fruit that has fallen on to the ground. The horn-like helmet on top of her head can be used for protection.

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Cassandra The Cassowary

Harry The Humpback Whale

Harry is about fifteen metres long and weighs in at around thirty tonnes. He spends the summer, spring and early autumn months in the colder Antarctic waters and migrates north for winter. Harry is a very energetic whale and can often be seen leaping out of the water or slapping his long flippers. He eats fish and other sea life such as krill and crustaceans.

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Kazza is a very happy fellow. His cackling laugh is one of the most recognisable sounds in the Australian bush and is loudest in the early morning and at sunset. Friendly and curious, he can often be seen sitting on a pole or power line, watching things very closely. He lives in a large family group.

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Kazza The Kookaburra

Sid the Stingray

Sid lives in warm, shallow water, where he spends a lot of time partly buried in the sand. When Sid swims he flaps his broad pectoral fins like wings. His tail has two poisonous barbs near its base and when he is frightened he lashes it like a whip. He eats clams and other small crustaceans.

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Warwick spends most of his day either resting in his twenty metre long burrow or lying in the sun. He has a very strong build and a relaxed, easy going manner. He is a vegetarian, and comes out of his burrow in the evening to eat his favourite grasses and plants.

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Warwick The Wombat




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