It Came from Space



For as long as humanity has been able to think, they have wondered about space. The ancients wondered what mysterious forces moved in the heavens. More recently we have wondered is there more tangible life out there, and is there any chance of something coming down from the sky and changing life on Earth as we know it? Now that the International Space Station is completed, we also wonder what can come from a permanent human presence in space.




















The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence offers you a chance to be a part of their quest. Download the program and let your computer process data in the search for aliens whenever it switches to the screensaver.


Seti Institute

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature, prevalence and distribution of life in the universe. As far as I know they do not have a fleet of humvees, and they do not send out men in black suits to make sure that aliens behave themselves and that people don't see more than they can cope with but the work that they actually do is very interesting and important.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The official website of the world's foremost agency for space exploration. Find out about the ISS, meteor and asteroid research, and other developments in the exploration of space. There is a special site devoted to Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards



Set up by NASA especially for children. There is lots of information for projects and plenty of fun space related stuff.


Australian Spaceguard Survey

Spaceguard is the international association that is maintaining the vigil of the skies, and lobbying governments about funding a permanent a survey of the heavens to look for NEOs or near Earth objects- objects that pose a threat of impact with the Earth.

Area 51 Revealed

Long believed to be the place where the bodies of aliens from the alleged crash of a flying saucer at Roswell are housed its real existence, as an experimental facility for new aircraft, is slightly more prosaic.





Max Fax: Space

By Tracey Blezard

A well-illustrated fun book about space including some amazing facts as the title suggests. Hodder Wayland


Spinning Through Space: Comets and Asteroids

By Eva M. Hans

Part of a series exploring space through the Earth and the surrounding solar system. This book explores comets "visit" the Earth at regular, but slightly different times and explores the effects of an asteroid hitting the Earth. Other titles in the series include Space Mysteries and Space Travel by Dr Mike Goldsmith, The Solar System and The Moon by Time Furniss. Hodder Wayland


The International Space Station

By Franklyn Mansfield Branley

Explains the construction and purpose of the International Space Station and the life of the astronauts on board. HarperCollins


Life on other worlds

By Steven J. Dick

A look at the debate about life in space from the earliest times to recent controversies. Cambridge University Press


The Big Book of Space

By David Glover

Looks at all aspects of space, including the planets, space exploration, astronomy, constellations, the Space Station even telescopes. Well illustrated throughout. Two Can Publishing (Distributed by Franklin Watts Australia) Click here to order copies via email


Interfact: Space Travel

LA book and CD with information and activities on the subject of space travel. Two Can Publishing (Distributed by Franklin Watts Australia) Click here to order copies via email


XTL: Life in Space & How to Find It

By John Gribbin and Simon Goodwin

A look at how the world's experts are searching for life in space, and why they could be just around the corner from finding it. Illustrated with a range of photographs and state-of-the-art graphics, this book is about life itself. Cassell & Co


Aliens Amongst Us: a Beginner's Guide

Peter J. Morris

There has been a growing number of reports from around the world of sightings of strange and sometimes bizarre alien beings. If these reports prove accurate, then who are they and what do they want? This volume poses the question - are we the only intelligent lifeform living on planet Earth? : Hodder & Stoughton Educational


Space Exploration: Eyewitness Guides

Dorling Kindersley

Here is a spectacular & informative guide to the mysteries beyond Earth & its atmosphere. Original photography of spacecraft both before & after travelling in space & pictures of astronauts in space, offer a unique 'eyewitness' view of the history of space exploration & the daily life of astronauts. Dorling Kindersley


Spacebusters: Eyewitness Big Book

Dorling Kindersley

The USA pledged to send a man to the moon before the end of the 1960s. Here is the story of that race against time. This big book version of the Eyewitness Reader is ideal for shared reading during Literacy Hour. DK Big Books provide powerful demonstrations of what is involved in the reading process, such as cueing the text, locating information, understanding print conventions, & - most importantly - learning to enjoy books! Dorling Kindersley


Space Encyclopaedia

Dorling Kindersley

This is a comprehensive overview of the Universe as seen from the perspective of the new Millennium. It contains accurate up-to-date facts & figures on everything from the International Space Station to fossil life on Mars, & the latest information from robot probes to the planets, & much more. Dorling Kindersley