Global Warming



A monstrous storm swamps the globe, causing a hurricane to destroy everything in its path. New York is frozen; fist-sized hail batters Tokyo and snow falls in New Delhi. Welcome to the brink of the new ice age. After decades of disaster movies, bringing to life floods, asteroids, earthquakes and even alien attacks, Hollywood has taken on the big one - global warming.


In the $180 million movie The Day After Tomorrow, our greatest fears are realised in a collision of catastrophes never before seen on the big screen. The film looks at what might happen to the world if current trends involving "global warming" continue. It paints a stark picture of the horrors of a possible rapid climate change and the vulnerability of humanity under such circumstances.


Climate change has been the subject of study, discussion and debate for some years but humanity has been slow to react to the potential awareness of what could happen to our species if the worst case scenario occurs.






















The CSIRO is among the world leaders in climate research. Enter global warming or greenhouse effect in the search engine and you will find plenty of current articles on the latest research.


The Day After Tomorrrow

There are some great multimedia click-ons at this site, with clips from the news on real weather phenomena and clips from the film showing how things could go drastically wrong. It might be a bit slow if you don't have cable access.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration- Global Warming FAQ

A quick overview of all the most asked questions about global warming by one of the leading agencies researching the phenomenon.





The Day After Tomorrow

By Whitley Streiber

The novel of the film of the potential disaster heading our way. Includes plenty of detail about global warming wrapped in an action/adventure/human drama (Orion).


Climate Change

By Justin Healey

Features some of the latest articles, information and debates on climate change in a student friendly format (Spinney Press).


Air Pollution

By Matthew Chapman & Rob Bowden

An excellent primer for younger students on the problems with and effects of air pollution, including its impact on climate change (Wayland).


Plague Species

By Reg Morrison

Okay so we know that pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, clearing forests and burning fossil fuels is not good for the environment and could end up changing the climate we find so comfortable. So why do we continue to do it? Reg Morrison has an interesting theory- it's in our genes, we just can't help ourselves (New Holland).


Wonders of the Weather

By Bob Crowder

Information about all kinds of weather and about climate change, with a particular emphasis on Australia (Bureau of Meteorology).


Eyewitness Weather

By Brian Cosgrove

An illustrated tour through our weather systems, how we study them, make predictions and how the weather could be changing (Dorling Kindersley).


Places and things to see


The Day After Tomorrow (M 15+)

This is a Hollywood blockbuster, dealing more with the human drama and perhaps over-dramatising what might happen. But this movie was created with the cooperation of climate researchers and consequently could help to raise awareness of the potential dangers of messing with our climate.


Wild Weather

An excellent series from the ABC featuring journalist and adventurer Donald MacIntyre on a journey to experience the world's wildest weather. State of the art 3D animations also take you right into the previously unseen heart of Wild Weather. Available from ABC Shops on video or DVD.