Exploring Space



For centuries humanity explored space from the ground but improvements to what was essentially an ancient weapon - the rocket - made it possible for humans to fly into space. From the first fumbling steps in crude unmanned craft to plans for a manned mission to Mars, we have come a long way in space exploration.


















Check out the new improved NASA website. There is more information here than you could possibly need on all aspects of space flight. There are also special sections for kids, students and for educators.


History of Rockets


Some great articles on the evolution of the rocket from weapons system to space engine. Includes articles on the pioneer scientists and on how a rocket engine works.


Russian Space Web


A site devoted to the latest news and the history of space exploration in the Soviet Union and today's Commonwealth of Independent States.




Looks at the history of space with timelines, biographies and profiles of missions. The site also invites your contributions.




Aiming for the Stars

By Tom D. Crouch

This is one of the best books available on the history of space travel with loads of interesting detail about the people involved (Melbourne University Press).


Rockets- Sulfur, Sputniks and Scramjets

By Peter Macinnis

A wonderful tale of how rockets went from gunpowder stuffed bamboo tubes to massive launch vehicles for space exploration. Told in the inimitable style of Mr Macinnis, full of wonderful little-known detail accessible to those who are not rocket scientists (Allen&Unwin).


The Big Splat

By Dana McKenzie

Tracks the development of our knowledge about the Moon from the earliest theories proposed by ancient astronomers to what we know of how the Moon came to be based on more recent scientific exploration (John Wiley & Sons).


DK Space Encyclopaedia

By Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest

Chock full of information about space exploration and everything we know about what is in space (Dorling Kindersley).


The Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space

By Lisa Miles and Alastair Smith

A big, beautifully illustrated, book full of information on all of the heavenly bodies as well as how we came to know what we know about them (Usborne).