Drought Relief

It is being billed as the most devastating drought for a century. While Tasmania and large parts of Victoria are being spared the worst aspects of the national drought, its disastrous effects on the national economy could be huge.

The Mercury and other News Limited newspapers are highlighting the effects of the national drought through focus features and their participation in the nationwide Farmhand for Drought Relief Foundation. This foundation, in collaboration with Red Cross, aims to bring aid relief to drought-affected farmers.


A farmer and his son kick the dust that should be waist-high in crops due to the lack of good rains in Victoria.


Australian Bureau of Meterology- Living with Drought


A look at Australia's constant battle with dry weather, with maps, charts and a timeline of major Australian droughts.

North American Drought a Paleo Perspective


Looks at a new branch of the science of climatology which investigates evidence of droughts earlier than human memory or human records by looking at evidence in tree rings or the fossil record.



Takes a brief look at what drought is, but the best feature is the videos on famous droughts (in the United States). Some useful information but mostly related to America.

Living With Drought


Melbourne Water's website on drought, specifically in Victoria. There is a good guide to what El Nino is and also a look at how Melbourne is supplied by water.


Wild Weather- Drought

By Catherine Chambers

A good introduction to drought for younger readers.

Australian Weather Disasters

By John and Jennifer Barwick

Looks at some of the ways that weather can become a complete disaster in Australia. Includes droughts, floods, storms, cyclones and a timeline of the worst disasters.

Wonders of the Weather

By R.B.Crowder

Written by an Australian meteorologist and aimed at the general reader, in this book you will find the answer to many of your questions including specifics of drought in Australia. Available from the Bureau's regional offices and AusInfo bookshops.

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides: Weather

By Brian Cosgrove

A look at all kinds of weather- storms, wind, rain, sunshine, frost- and how humanity has come to understand and deal with the weather. Eyewitness Guides are now published in a paperback format with updated information and extra features such as Amazing facts, a Q & A section, glossary, links and activities.

DK Guide to Weather: A Photographic Journey Through the Skies

By Michael Allaby

This is more than just a description of weather events, it uses some incredible photographs, graphics and images to explain how, why and when they occur.

Floods, Famines and Emperors

By Brian Fagan

Fagan looks at the impact of weather patterns, in particular El Nino, on thousands of years of history tracing its effects as far back as 5,000 years to ancient Egypt.

The Australian Weather Book

By Keith Colls and Richard Whitaker

A comprehensive guide to all kinds of weather in Australia, including drought, and the impact of weather on the environment, people, and the economy.