Iraq An Ancient Land


While Greece and Rome are considered the cradle of Democracy, the land once known as Mesopotamia or "the land between two rivers" is considered the birthplace of civilisation.

Most of what was Mesopotamia is now Iraq, a land steeped in the history, not just of the people of the Middle East, but of all humanity. From ancient times to the modern day, this land has, at times, affected the course of world history.





















The British Museum Mesopotamia

Looks at some of the history of the lands of the Middle East, now know as Iraq. Includes interactive games and images of items from the museum's collection


Iraq History

An overview of the history of Iraq from ancient times to more recent developments.


History of Iraq

A more in-depth history taking us from the earliest civilisations to the Iran-Iraq Gulf War.


Iraq Archaeology

Some useful links to sites with information on early civilisation in Iraq




Ancient Iraq

By Georges Roux

Newly revised, this book on ancient Iraq covers the political, cultural and socioeconomic history of Mesopotamia from the days of prehistory to the Christian era and beyond. (Penguin)


Looking Back- Mesopotamia and the Near East

By John Malam

This book is out of print but it contains a good brief treatment of the history of Mesopotamia up to the time of Alexander the Great. Look for it in your local library. (Evans Brothers Press)


War On Iraq

By Scott Ritter and William Rivers Pitt

Debunks some of the Bush administration's reasoning behind the threatened war with Iraq. (Allen and Unwin)


History of Iraq

By Charles Tripp

A political history of Iraq in the modern era. (Cambridge University Press)


Mesopotamia: the Invention of the City

By Gwendolyn Leick

Mesopotamia, situated roughly where Iraq is today, was one of the greatest ancient civilizations. It was here that the very first cities were created and where the familiar sights of modern urban life - public buildings and gardens, places of worship, even streets and pavements - were originally invented. (Penguin)


Islam in the World

By Malise Ruthven

A look at the history of Islam and the way it has shaped the world. Including the role of Baghdad and Iraq in the rise and fall of the great medieval Islamic empire. (Penguin)