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Regrets on early sex

Kennett takes low road with .02 limit

Survey shock

Stressed young women take risks

Go jump, it's safer than a day by the sea

Teen skin cancer alarm

Call for shock tactics to get message through

Shock population figures

Drugs rife in schools

Cathy - Chances to change

Cathy - Body mass index

Calvin and Hobbes - Difficult sums

Calvin and Hobbes - Imaginary numbers

Friday the 13th - It's a fortune

Space rock closes in on Earth

Cathy - Weight trends

Calvin and Hobbes - Average TV viewing

We're losing IQ by degrees

Security hit in high state burglary rate

Vegies get more appeal as Aussies lose thirst for beer

Pickles - Laughing

The facts of our lives

We're winning cancer fight

Two aces in one round beat 363 million-1 odds

Perils of extra 5kmh

A tax on stupidity

Year 2051: Top End booms, deep south sinks

Numbers won't add up under Hanson migrant plan

Meet the Averages

The statistician uncorks a year of cheer

Wedding bliss for great debate rival

Tassie faces blackout risk

Music moves the earth

Hobart falls short in the sexy city stakes

Buckley's chance

Study rejects passive smoking and cancer link

Dollars and not dalliance

Licence lizard gets to drivers

New radio for oldies wins 14% of market

Blair on the warpath over Lords

Job-seeking woes for single parents

Capricorns crash through

Report links smoking to birth defects

Over the limit and you're asking for trouble

Pregnancies: just 50% end with live baby

Birth figure shock

Diet guide cuts cancer

Odds of cancer shorten for tall

Lung cancer study reveals climate link

Aussies shout: light beer for us

Nation gets taste for change

Broken homes, broke kids

Friday 4-6pm is crash time

Marge better than butter

Women grads beat the men in first wage

Aussies' life expectancy among the world's best


Where to next?

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