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The following articles were published during 1996.

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South Gippsland is quake country

Gambling bites into family funds

Forget houses, we want nice trousers

Where the money goes

Australians quit the kitchen to dine out

Aussie Rules goals ahead

Religion studies fail to end bias

$800m plan for greying State

Four feared drowned in floodwaters

$5.6m bill

When it comes to sex, we score

Doctor's sex may be the main ailment

Tasmanian star in a state of uncertainty

New mobile phone fears

Honours have order of own

Good health! Brewers toast study on beer

Radio a turn-off for teens, says study

We're a healthier mob but diet does us in

Snapshot finds us older, richer and home alone in the city

Half of nation's households live in paid-off houses

Aborigines tell of their grim lifestyles

We're capital conservatives

Heartless side to television heroics

Record income from logs this year

The price of living it up in Qld

Crunch time for number

Computers, cakes and golf: that's the good life

Computer right so far - it's the Kangaroos

Bookies wail after Dettori's super seven

Spending a penny in supermarkets

Lake Levels: Variation from full

Half and hearth is a city

Gastro 'a Western world disease'

Peters could play Santa Claus

Drink swim deaths rise

Oz early asteroid alert at risk of crashing

Bookies rate Elliott a 14-1 chance to topscore in series

Good and bad on garbage

TV: The urban myths shaken

Shine sparkles on US debut, stardom ahead

Bus stop view of nursing mothers

Crash injury statistics make an impact

Alarm at young blacks' detention

Well, it just goes to show

250,000 guns add up to 'welcome gift for nation'

Aussies on health kick

Bottle shop barometer of bashings

Australian fatties hit new heights

Where to next?

Numeracy in the News - Overview