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1966 and all that
Aborigines tell of their grim lifestyles
Alarm at young blacks' detention
Aussies live it up
Christian view faces loss of faith
Computer education lags in schools, survey finds
Computers, cakes and golf: that's the good life
Go jump, it's safer than a day by the sea
Half and hearth is a city
Religion studies fail to end bias
Spending a penny in supermarkets
Teenagers 'work hard, play hard'
THAT'S LIFE - Handguns
The facts of our lives
The price of living it up in Qld
We're capital conservatives
Welcome, you're one in 4 million

Population, Age distribution, and Immigration

$800m plan for greying State
Aussies living for longer, ABS says
Aussies people on the move
Counting the missing thousands
Greying may put society in the red
India on course to top the pops

Life goes on and on for nation's population
Living longer takes its toll
Numbers won't add up under Hanson migrant plan

Shock population figures

Snapshot finds us older, richer and home alone in the city
Tassie counts wrinkles as the nation matures
Year 2051: Top End booms, deep south sinks


Economy, finance, work, and unemployment

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Change rocks the pattern of stability
Every Australian is wealthier!
Forget houses, we want nice trousers
Half of nation's households live in paid-off houses
Household services bite into the budget
Jobless fall tipped as Tassie ages

Longer hours and less leisure: we're a nation of workaholics
Retirement may be death sentence for some
Unemployment rates December 1996


250,000 guns add up to 'welcome gift for nation'
Di: 98% say it was a plot
Meet the Averages
Monday's a killer if you're feeling down
Pregnancies: just 50% end with live baby
Sarah and Joshua take over
Survey shock
We're losing IQ by degrees

Where to next?

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