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A Tasmanian pest since 1827
Call to protect great white shark
Cats get a bad press: survey
Fatal sheep disease
Infection killed tiger
Outcry over plan to cull elephants

Stroppy penguins fight for the roost


Airline cabin study clears the air
Clarence comes up trumps in recycling
Good and bad on garbage

Taking the 'waste' out of water



Australia hotting up
Four feared drowned in floodwaters
From sunny to showery

Rain causes havoc on roads


Weather it's a boy or girl is down to this...

Weather maps


Apology on rocket failure
Blue moons all just timing
Computers galore
Concern for environment declines
Feeling blue? check fingers
Gadgets on standby eat power

Just a close shave

Lake Levels: Variation from full
New Forests

Oz early asteroid alert at risk of crashing
Powerlines danger to children's health
Precious water worth the walk
Record income from logs this year
South Gippsland is quake country
Space rock closes in on Earth
Tassie faces blackout risk
There's an eco-disaster in my soup

Time to get a sense of proportion

Women leave men thinking

Where to next?

Numeracy in the News - Overview