New articles for 2002

A list of new articles inclouded in the 2002 revision.

BTeach students at the Univeristy of Tasmania selected these articles, wrote the student questions and teacher discussions. Acknowledgements are given unless the student preferred to remain anonymous.

Articles are sorted by mathematical content and then by title.

Italics denotes no student question or teacher discussions


A Tasmanian pest since 1827

Air race touches down

Boeing stretches boundaries of travel

Calvin and Hobbes - Building something...

Calvin and Hobbes - Difficult sums

First step in tree-top walk

Flights we don't fancy

From sunny to showery

India on course to top the pops

Just a close shave

Little time for warning of Mir crash disaster

New Forests

New slant on old landmark's story

Oh, just so close

Outcry over plan to cull elephants

Overweight, gone to pot

Rain causes havoc on roads

Runners carry baton 661km for charity

Skycar set for flights of fancy

Thorpe has more in store: Frost

Tourism spreads wings on Impulse

Tree blaze empties the courts

There's an eco-disaster in my soup


Bigger women now the norm

Secrets to a long life

Taking the 'waste' out of water

That's Life - Snorers

The Wizard of Id - Crime down 8%

Data Collection and Sampling

Forget apples, now we're the potentates of potato land

Holidays at home appeal

Honours shared in ratings war

Jobless fall tipped as Tassie ages

Royals on the nose in poll

Shock population figures


Alarm at young men's views of resorting to force in sex

Amazing poll flip puts ALP in lead

Cleo readers reveal all

Forced sex OK, say a third of young men

Healthy living ads hit home

Howard support through the roof

No sex please, we're only 16

Tassie's teen mums

Truth about liars in the workplace

Data Representation

Drink swim deaths rise

Drivers avoid club scene

Numbers won't add up under Hanson migrant plan

Speed's saddest sequel



Advertisment - Connect Credit Union

Good and bad on garbage

Chance and Basic Probability

All downhill from chubby children

Spend your win wisely

US public tips Brockovich to knock down Gladiator


50km/h back-street speed limit on cards

Cheating on wife a health hazard

Luckiest man in the world

Data Reduction

Aussies destroyed

Gadgets on standby eat power


Bigger women now the norm

More dads doing shopping

Regrets on early sex


Boozing's shock toll revealed

Call for suburban speed cuts

Dude, here's your car...

Figures show flying is safer in US


Aussie growth figures promise fat returns

Feeling blue? check fingers

Powerlines danger to children's health

Stay-at-home wives prop go-ahead men

Time to get a sense of proportion

Weather it's a boy or girl is down to this...

Where to next?

Numeracy in the News - Overview