In this subsection newspaper articles are provided which illustrate various aspects of numeracy not associated with the five aspects of chance and data. Usually this relates to numbers, percents, decimals, measurements, and sometimes even space.

Consider the following questions as appropriate for the articles given below.

  1. What aspects of numeracy could be illustrated in this article?
  2. What questions could be set using information in this article which would develop and enhance numeracy skills?
  3. How could this article be used to get students to develop their own questions to solve?
  4. Are there any errors in this article which students could discover and explain?
  5. Could this article be used in relation to some other part of the curriculum as well as mathematics?

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1966 and all that

A Tasmanian pest since 1827

Air race touches down

Big rise in births outside marriage

Boeing stretches boundaries of travel

Call to protect great white shark

Calvin and Hobbes - Attention Span

Calvin and Hobbes - Building something...

Calvin and Hobbes - Difficult sums

Calvin and Hobbes - Sum

Cathy - Chances to change

Computers galore

Fall in wedded bliss

Fatal sheep disease

First step in tree-top walk

Flights we don't fancy

From sunny to showery

Half and hearth is a city

India on course to top the pops

Just a close shave

Little time for warning of Mir crash disaster

Meat eating falls amid vitamin fear

Metrics can't mangle the magical mile

New Forests

New slant on old landmark's story

Oh, just so close

Outcry over plan to cull elephants

Overweight, gone to pot

Rain causes havoc on roads

Record income from logs this year

Runners carry baton 661km for charity

Rising car thefts hits battlers

Skycar set for flights of fancy

Space rock closes in on Earth

Stroppy penguins fight for the roost

Tassie counts wrinkles as the nation matures

That's Life - Sharing

Thorpe has more in store: Frost

Tourism spreads wings on Impulse

Tree blaze empties the courts

There's an eco-disaster in my soup


The following articles have no student questions or teacher discussions.

Bigger women now the norm

Broken homes, broke kids

Calvin and Hobbes - Imaginary numbers

Cathy - Body mass index

Job-seeking woes for single parents

Lung cancer study reveals climate link

Secrets to a long life

Taking the 'waste' out of water

That's Life - Snorers

The Wizard of Id - Crime down 8%

Where to next?

Numeracy in the News - Overview