In this subsection newspaper articles are provided which illustrate various aspects of drawing conclusions from data. Consider the following questions as you read the articles.

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ALP the winner in fight for poll funding support

Aussies on health kick

Australian fatties hit new heights

Beer gets blame for violent crime rate

Boozing's shock toll revealed

Call for suburban speed cuts

Capricorns crash through

Distance travelled key to vehicle accidents

Drink that cheers adds to the years

Dude, here's your car...

Family car is killing us, says Tasmanian researcher

Figures show flying is safer in US

Friday 4-6pm is crash time

Friday spells crash doom

Gastro 'a Western world disease'

Gender gap

Happy is the solo, says study

Heartless side to television heroics

Hoges still twists the knife on the box office

Hydro cancer-link study

Marriage is good for health, says seven-year study

Marry for a longer life

Men cause more car accidents

Monday's a killer if you're feeling down

New mobile phone fears

Over the limit and you're asking for trouble

Powerline risks real: expert

Prints link with gay sexuality

Religion studies fail to end bias

Retirement may be death sentence for some

Schoolgirls are smokers, drinkers

Study finds emotional upset linked to accidents

Tassie top death rate state

Teen boys forget whatever it was

THAT'S LIFE - Mediterranean diet

Thin thighs don't come from a jar

TV: The urban myths shaken

Women 'should get preferential entrance to uni'

Women grads beat the men in first wage

Women leave men thinking


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Aussie growth figures promise fat returns

Diet guide cuts cancer

Doctor's sex may be the main ailment

Feeling blue? check fingers

Good health! Brewers toast study on beer

Growing OLD gracefully

Licence lizard gets to drivers

Marge better than butter

Powerlines danger to children's health

Report links smoking to birth defects

Stay-at-home wives prop go-ahead men

Study rejects passive smoking and cancer link

Time to get a sense of proportion

Weather it's a boy or girl is down to this...


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