Data Reduction

In this subsection newspaper articles are provided which illustrate various aspects of using statistics in reports and to support arguments. Consider the following questions as you read the articles below.

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Aussies living for longer, ABS says

Aussies destroyed

Aussies people on the move

Aussies' life expectancy among the world's best

Australia hotting up

Australians eating out more and more: study

Average Australian job hunter is a married man with kids

Big rise in births outside marriage

Bottle shop barometer of bashings

Calvin and Hobbes - Average bath time

Calvin and Hobbes - Average TV viewing

Cannabis users not so way out

Cathy - Weight trends

Cats get a bad press: survey

Century by de Winter saves TCA

Concern for environment declines

Changing patterns in our viewing habits

Couples go for tradition in weddings

Every Australian is wealthier!

Fall in wedded bliss

Gadgets on standby eat power

Gender Gap

Golf most popular sport

Half of nation's households live in paid-off houses

Lawrence plays down inquiry memory loss

Let someone else drive, bridge commuters told

Losers aplenty as NBA pay row settled

Meat eating falls amid vitamin fear

Meet the Averages

Monday's a killer if you're feeling down

Pickles - Laughing

Precious water worth the walk

Radio a turn-off for teens, says study

Shine sparkles on US debut, stardom ahead

Spending a penny in supermarkets

Tassie counts wrinkles as the nation matures

Television, music top list of what we do with spare time

TFL final crowds alarm

THAT'S LIFE - Prince or Princess of Wales

The statistician uncorks a year of cheer

Unemployment rates December 1996

Wedding bliss for great debate rival

Welcome, you're one in 4 million

Well, it just goes to show


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Aussies going cold on the easy greasies

Aussies have less sex - but more stamina

Aussies shout: light beer for us

Bigger women now the norm

Birth figure shock

Choices changes dynamics of the family unit

Christian view faces loss of faith

Drugs rife in schools

Greying may put society in the red

Hobart falls short in the sexy city stakes

Household services bite into the budget

Living longer takes its toll

More dads doing shopping

Pregnancies: just 50% end with live baby

Regrets on early sex

Shock report on teen sex

Tassie faces blackout risk

The facts of our lives

Ups and downs on the marry-go-round

Women halt melanoma march


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