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Numeracy involves not just basic number skills, but also the ability to integrate basic skills in contexts that require high levels of literacy to interpret situations and make judgments.

The Numeracy in the News website will hopefully inspire teachers and students to read their local newspapers and find other articles which illustrate the different aspects of numeracy. If you have suggestions you would like to make, or questions in relation to this project, please contact Rod Boucher or Jane Watson. (See Contacts).

Content of the site

On this site, there are 313 full-text newspaper articles from The Mercury in Hobart, and other News Limited newspapers throughout Australia are available. Most articles have linked questions for students and discussions for teachers. You can recognize these pages of content by the following icons.

Newspaper Article

Student Questions

Teacher Discussion

The articles and questions have not been designated for particular grade levels. This is because there is likely to be a wide range of literacy and numeracy skills in any given class. Many articles have associated with them both basic numeracy questions and more advanced questions for senior students. Teachers will need to peruse questions and decide which are appropriate for particular students.

As a further resource, some additional articles are available that do not have discussion and questions. Teachers and students are encouraged to devise their own responses to these articles based on their experience at the site. Send these ideas to us by the email connection within the article and they might be used in the next update.

The following picture gives some idea of the type of content of this website.

A helpful introduction to using this site may be found at the following link:

Linking Numeracy with Literacy in the Middle School Classroom

or visit the more general site of Dr. Jane Watson:

Dr. Jane Watson

Structure of the site

Aspects of Numeracy throughout mathematics are represented in the news articles. The articles have been selected, and student questions and teacher discussions written, to highlight six aspects of numeracy .

(Percentages, Decimals,
Large numbers, Measurements)

Data Collection and Sampling

Data Representation
(Graphs and Tables)

Chance and Basic Probability
(Risks, Lottery chances)

Data Reduction

(Conclusions based on data)

Links to the six Aspects of Numeracy are found in the leftmost column. Each aspect has few introductory questions and a list of articles that have content related to that aspect of numeracy. Some articles can be associated with more than one part of the curriculum. Some have been purposely linked. Others you may discover for yourself.

The articles are also cross-referenced by topic for use in projects, or by teachers of subject areas other than mathematics.

Crime Diet Entertainment and Tourism
Environment and Science Gambling Gender Differences
Gender Issues Health Humour
Marriage and Family Politics Smoking and Drinking
Social Issues Sport Traffic and Transport

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