Source: The Mercury, 20 December, 1996, p.6

Aussies on
health kick

in Canberra

BEACHSIDE Christmas 
parties and backyard 
cricket matches this year 
will be attended by the 
most health conscious 
group of Australians to 
emerge in years.

   People are finally 
listening to a range of 
health messages, dra-
matically increasing pre-
ventative measures over 
the past half decade.

   Sun protection has be-
come a national ob-
session, with more than 
80% of people regularly 
taking measures against 
skin cancer.

   The bronzed Aussie 
male is rapidly fading -
men have doubled their 
use of sunscreens since 

   Australians are thin-
ner, healthier and feel 
better about themselves 
in the wake of what stat-
istically appears to have 
been a five-year health 

   Smoking rates are 
down, exercise is growing 
in popularity and around 
83% of people believe they 
are in good, very good or 
excellent health.

   Fewer people drink 
regularly than did five 
years ago.

   Bureau of Statistics fig-
ures released yesterday 
show more people are tak-
ing vitamins and trying 
herbal remedies.

   "Compared with results 
from a previous survey in 
1989/90 the recent survey 
indicates an increase in 
healthier lifestyles by 
adult Australians," the 
ABS report said.

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