Source: The Mercury, 20 December, 1996, p.5

250,000 guns add up to
'welcome gift for nation'

   Australian gun own-
ers were expected to have 
handed in more than 
250,000 million firearms 
by the end of the festive 
season, with more than 
$110 million paid in com-
pensation, federal 
Attorney-General Daryl 
Williams said in Can-
berra yesterday.

   On December 19, the 
national tally of the guns 
buy-back scheme was 
238,310. All states and 
territories except 
Queensland operate the 
compensation scheme, 
with Queensland's 
scheme due to begin in 

   "Australia now leads 
the world in effective 
nationwide firearms con-
trol," Mr Williams said in 
a statement. "The early 
success of the buy-back 
campaign is a credit to 
gun owners who want to 
do the right thing by their 
fellow Australians.

   "They have been paid 
cash for their firearms- 
giving our nation a wel-
come Christmas gift by 
removing unnecessary 
high-powered firearms 
from the community."

   A total of 238,310 fire-
arms have been handed 
in, with $110,662,908 
paid in compensation, at 
an average of $464.37 per 

   Individual state fig-
   Tasmania  17,533 
$8,741 174 - average

   Victoria      126,745 
$63,705,687 - $502.83

   South Australia 49,450 
$19,356,118 - $391.43

   ACT  2704  $1,414,126
 - $522.98

   Northern Territory 3101 
$1,598,604  - $515.51

   Western Australia 
7618   $2,547,199 - 

   NSW   31,159
$13,300,000 - $425.84


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