Source: The Mercury, 26 November, 1996, p.7

Bus stop
view of

   ATTITUDES on breast- 
feeding in public are the 
subject of a study in 
southern Tasmania.

   The study, by the De-
partment of Community 
and Health Services and 
the Nursing Mothers As-
sociation, will involve vol-
unteers surveying at 
least 200 people at Metro 
bus stops.

   Department nutrition-
ist Roger Hughes said bus 
stops would be used as 
survey sites because they 
provided a broad cross- 
section of society and be-
cause Metro buses would 
later be used in a cam-
paign to promote breast- 
feeding in public as a 
normal activity.

   Mr Hughes said that 
even if the survey find-
ings indicated en-
trenched opposition to 
breastfeeding in public 
the promotional cam-
paign would proceed in 
an attempt to create a 
supportive environment 
for public breast feeding.

   The campaign was ex-
pected to begin in Febru-
ary, with results of the 
survey to be analysed 
over the following month.

   Mr Hughes said that 
while research showed a 
large number of develop-
mental, health and econ-
omic benefits were associ-
ated with breastfeeding, 
mothers were often reluc-
tant to breastfeed in pub-

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