Source: The Herald Sun, Wednesday, February 7, 1996, p.3

Forget houses, we want nice trousers

Big spenders: Dukes fashion store boss Tina La Rocca. Picture: MARK SMITH

family reporter 
nation's big spenders 
when it comes to clothes 
books, gambling and rec- 
reation, a survey has 
   But their pursuit of 
pleasure means they 
have little left for home 
   The Household Ex- 
penditure Survey of 
Australian states and 
territories for 1993-94 
found Victorians spend 
an average $601.76 a 
   The Australian Bureau 
of Statistics survey 
showed Melbourne res- 
idents were the country's 
fourth highest spenders. 
   While Victorians are 
more likely to splurge 
on leisure, most money 
was still swallowed up 
by weekly bills. 
   Victorians' biggest 
outlays were on food and 
drink, transport and 
   They spend more 
money than almost 
every other state on fuel 
and power and slightly 
less on superannuation 
and life insurance. 
   But any money left 
over is spent on 
recreation or clothes - 
Victorians spend less 
than other Australians 
on furniture and their 
   The survey showed that 
the average Australian 
spends $3.79 a week on 
women's clothes, the 
average Victorian, 
   Fashion expert Tina La 
Rocca said it was no 
surprise so much was 
spent on clothes - as 
Melbourne is such a 
fashion-obsessed city. 
   The 26-year-old boss 
of Dukes clothes store 
chain said clothes and 
books dominated social 
chat in the city. 
   While the average Aust- 
ralian spends $5.17 a 
week on gambling, 
Victorians proffer 
   And Victorians spend 
$15.70 a week on 
Australian holidays 
($14.06 nationally), yet 
less than the average for 
overseas holidays. 
   The survey showed 
Victoria had one of the 
lowest increases - 13 
per cent - in spending 
since 1988-89, and that 
Melbourne had the fourth 
highest rate of spending 
on housing costs.

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