Source: The Mercury, 18 January, 1995, p.4

Apology on
rocket failure

Japanese space author-
ities have apologised 
to the Australian 
Government for their 
failed rocket launch 
which sent a space 
capsule hurtling into 
the Pacific Ocean. It 
was supposed to have 
landed at Woomera in 
South Australia on 
Saturday putting Aust-
ralia back in the space 
race after 25 years. 
The doomed capsule 
broke up before it was 
due to have flown over 
Mt. Isa in Queensland.
Officials lost contact 
with the $100-million 
space capsule and could 
not command it when the 
launch failed. But the 
Australian Space Office 
said there had been 
"enormous improbability" 
of the craft hitting a 
person or object.

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