School Page Awards 2012

Mercury editor Andrew Holman presented teacher Jacinta Castles with her award.

Awards for schools in print


THE Mercury's School Page program came full circle this year, with a previous student participant returning as a teacher.
Jacinta Castles first worked on a Mercury page as a student at John Paul II Catholic School, Rokeby, in 1998.
This year she was able to share the experience with her own Grade 5/6 students at St James Catholic College, Cygnet.
"They really got a lot out of it," Ms Castles said. "They learned all the steps involved in producing a page in a newspaper," she said.
"I have a Grade 6 class next year and we will include a School Page in our media studies unit."
Eleven schools produced their own pages in the Mercury this year, with students acting as journalists, photographers and sales people.
All were commended by the Tasmanian Australian of the Year, Andrew Hughes, during a function at the Mercury offices last week.
Mr Hughes congratulated them on taking up the challenge of producing a newspaper page and seeing it through.
Elizabeth College, Ogilvie High and Lindisfarne Primary were named as producing the best School Pages in 2012.
Merit awards went to: Hobart, Claremont, Dominic, St James and St Mary's colleges, New Norfolk and New Town high schools and Fahan School.

A special award went to Fahan School for producing the Mercury's 225th School Page in the current series.
Teachers interested in next year's program can contact the Newspapers in Education section on 6230 0736, email or look up

* Article from the Mercury newspaper, December 11, 2012.

Best Primary School Page - Lindisfarne Primary School
Best High School Page - Ogilvie High School
Best College Page - Elizabeth College
Hobart College
St Mary's College
Claremont College
Fahan School
New Norfolk High School
Dominic College
St James Catholic College
New Town High School
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